Aren’t you tired of the music and cultural propaganda nowadays and what it is doing to people?
They limit everyone and shape the tastes of the masses in order to make them obey and accept their ways and visions.
They keep telling you that you should not listen to artists who use ‘hate speech’. They have turned the so-called metal music into soft and slimy bullshit for your ears and have robbed you of millions while controlling your taste. You pay them to fool you and ruin the musical world. There is no more harsh, sharp, and aggressiveness in metal in general! This pop music, called “nowadays metal” is designed for soft-brained idiots who are willing to pay for cultural violence, which is essentially propaganda.
The life and money are yours! They go as far as you permit them to go.
You see, religion has killed millions and no one blames it. Politics has killed millions, and no one is to blame for it. And why is so-called hate speech so dangerous, given that it cannot kill anyone?
If you keep playing their game, how can you be a game changer?
How can you buy music made for propaganda purposes? So viral to take over anything and choke the real artists who don’t limit themselves according to political and social propaganda?
What can You do? You can support bands that are uncensored. You don’t have to buy their music, but you can share their pages, sites, and everything possible to show that artists like that exist!
No person or organisations have the right to deal with Your life, speech and musical taste! Everything depends on US!