astral_oath_endless_woodsBLASPHEMOUS OVERLORD was formed in 2013 by “The Butcher” Bob Macabre.
Relentless blasting, evil vocals, and freezing cold guitar riffs.


“Triumph of the Ancient Warriors” (Demo 2013)

blasphemous overlord - triumph

1. Triumph of the Ancient Warriors
2. Armageddon Preacher
3. Dawn of the Demon Goat
4. Under the Frozen Abyss







“Illusions of Hell” (Cassette Tape 2013)

blasphamous overlord - illusions

1. The Evil Within
2. Alter Dripping Blood
3. Demonic Power
4. The Crimson Dead
5. Illusions of Hell
6. Undertaker
7. Into the Darkness
8. Menacing Storm

2013 Torn Apart tapes




“Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy” (2014)

blasphamous overlord - embrass the horror

1. Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy
2. Eternal Crepuscule
3. Centuries of Unholy Wars
4. No End to the Suffering
5. Unleash the Malevolent Beast
6. Casting Evil Spells
7. Blood flows from the Gates
8. Ghost of the Heretic

2014 Salute Records




“Rising of the Morbid Gods” (2014)

Blasphamous overlord - rising of the morbid gods

1. Rising of the Morbid Gods
2. Into the Lake of Unholy Blood
3. Global Frost and Eternal Desolation
4. Apocalyptic Dusk
5. Forest to the Wicked Kingdom
6. Earth Freezing Beneath the Eclipse

2014 Xatanica Black





“Cursed Existence” (Cassette Tape 2014)

blasphemous cursed existence tape

1. Cursed Existence
2. Carnal Ritual
3. Dreaming of the Dead
4. In the Shadow of Death
5. Gripped by Fear
6. Inclement Ages
7. Darkness of Winter
8. Demon Force

2014 Never Dawn records




“Into the Twilight of Infinity” (2015)

blasphamous overlord - into twilight book

1. Pleasures in Hell
2. Inexorable Monarch
3. Battle of the Tyrants
4. Demons Call
5. Merciless Emperor
6. Oath of Evil
7. Eternal Reign in Darkness
8. Under the Crimson Cross

2015 Land of Fog records




“Frozen Lake of a Thousand Souls” (Full-length 2015)

Blasphemous Overlord - Frozen Lake of a Thousand SoulsBlasphemous-Overlord-black-metal-flyer

1. Frozen Lake of a Thousand Souls
2. The Many Suicides of Winter
3. Sacrifices at the Haunted Cemetery
4. Beyond the Boundaries of Existence
5. Where the Black Winds Blow
6. Dark Forest of Evil Illusions

2015 Pro CD-r by Acclaim Records.

“Tyrant of Genocide” (Full-length 2016)

1. Tyrant of Genocide
2. Erotic Evil
3. Violently Subjugating
4. Demons from Worlds Beyond
5. Eternal Sleep in Darkness
6. Blasphemies of War
7. Chanting from the Sacrificer
8. Beast in the Fog

2016 CD-r limited to 66 copies by Salute Records.