CALTH is back with 8 brand new tracks and 5 bonus tracks from 2007 in one CD. Released in a Deluxe 12 pages booklet with all the lyrics, photos and old-school graphics. Standard jewel case CD in limited edition 500 hand numbered copies. First 100 copies being a “Die Hard” edition comes with a 11×17 poster, patch, and stickers. The tracks are relentless and pure blasphemy with catchy riffs. Blast beats and distant landscape vocals. Released by Black Metal Cult Records.



1. Unrevelation (intro)
2. Leader of the Blind
3. Old Immortal Pest
4. Grave of the Ancient
5. Dehumanizing Breath
6. Black Dawn Horizon
7. Black Hand Path
8. Blackdeath

bonus tracks:
9. Ogre Domini Inferi
10. Sacrifice for the Lucifer's Legion
11. Reborn
12. Gates to the Infernal Kingdom of Satan
13. Murk (outro)

Executive producer: Demogorgon 88

Recorded in 2015, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Bonus tracks recorded in 2007. All instruments, voice, music & lyrics by Erilyne.