Acclaim Records exclusively presents: DARKSKIN – “Son of Hitler” Pro CD-r Out Now!


1. Son’s Awakening
2. Deutschland, Nein
3. Sweden’s Kingdom Fallen
4. Ruins Called Europe
5. Digging Up of a Swarthy Grave
6. Trans Rights Burnt
7. Jew World Order
8. Aryan Magic
9. White Reflection
10. South Africa Rotting
11. White Guilt Plague
12. LGBT Disease
13. Once the Time of Slavery
14. Son of Hitler
15. The Forest of Hanging Niggers
16. Resurrection of Pride
17. White Swart Lover
18. Welfare Check Effigy
19. Hate for the White Race
20. Sub-human Lust
21. They Say, Goodnight White Pride
22. Black Lives Don’t Matter
23. Red Skin Humiliation
24. The Six Million Laughs
25. When Death is Only Opition
26. America’s Promise
27. Mourning Hitler

This is the first demo of this Obscure and Hateful act from the USA!

It must be clear by now that Acclaim Records will continue to promote and release music of the most Obscure, Hateful, Controversial and Radical acts from the Underground! And this release is one of them for sure. Again, as bands like 88 and GASKAMMER are not allowed anywhere on the internet platforms with a communist-like censorship which are actually all of them, samples from this release can be found on our MAIN page and also on the RELEASES page as well.

The Son started DARKSKIN as an answer to the degeneration on an excelled universal level. Standing against the impurity that has been infesting society lately, such as multi-culturism, LGBT, Antifa, Liberal/Communist beliefs, white guilt and other atrocities that plague the European/American state.

The Son creates very raw and primitve Black Metal with Noise touch. Pro CD-r, limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies Out Now!