Acclaim Records exclusively presents:
FORGOTTEN FORESTS – “Rebirth Beyond / Spirits of the Ash MMX” CD

“Rebirth Beyond”
1. Entrance
2. Doomed Blazing Star
3. Crimson Morning
4. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest I
5. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest II
6. Sapienti Sad
7. Fighting in the Age of Mist
8. Autumn’s Leaf
9. Journey to Thy Promised Land
10. Rebirth Beyond

“Spirits of the Ash MMX”
11. Kingdom of Death
12. Final Hope
13. Spirits of the Ash
14. Fateless Time
15. Rise of Fire
16. Nameless Face

Epic and Melodic Death/Doom Metal from Bulgaria! This release combines “Rebirth Beyond”, which is the second album of the band and re-recorded version of the first album “Spirits of the Ash”. Sixteen tracks recorded in April 2010, one hour of music. CD with colored cover with lyrics and band photos.
Available on CD and DIGITAL formats from Acclaim Records’ website exclusively! The digital release is also available on Acclaim Records BandCamp page. YouTube full release stream is also available HERE.