We are witnessing very interesting situation in our time when a communist-like rules are being forced onto us, masked as a liberal and democratic values. This led to the ban on the music of some of our bands on the Internet platforms like You Tube and Facebook for example.
Not only the religion of the Near and Middle East dominates the world from centuries (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) but now they are trying to completely replace our values and customs, way of life and world view with the ways of the Near East, Northern Africa and Middle East which are barbaric, unacceptable and even inhuman in some cases. It’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist and has no right of opinion, no right of expression, no right of its own identity in that matter…

So, Black Metal Cult Records just released a DVD compilation with banned videos like that and it’s available on the label’s website.


1. Terror Cult Division – Introduction
2. Xilentium – Claim Our Countries Back
3. Godcider – Greed and Religion
4. Gaskammer – Krew i Honor (Honor cover)
5. Honor – Tysiącletnie Kajdany
6. Tötenkreuz – Degenerate Dead Jews
7. Xilentium – Kill Every Jew That You See
8. Aryanwülf – Kill Every Mongrel, Negroid & Mongolian Scum
9. Krigsrop – Victory Or Valhalla
10. Godcider – Evil Metal
11. Gaskammer – Forward to Victory
12. Honor – Time of Purity
13. Xilentium – Purity Through Mass Genocide
14. Weissen Nur Einen Tag – Trails of Dead Bodies
15. Tötenkreuz – Burn Their Synagogues
16. Godcider – Crucifier

“A Video that was made due to all of the Internet censorship and degredation in our “scene”.
This DVD features an introduction by the Terror Cult Division (88, GASKAMMER, HOLDAAR, XILENTIUM, TÖTENKREUZ, GODCIDER). Limited to 1000 Copies in a translucent clear red case, double sided artwork with an insert! This is 16 videos and an introduction of unabashed National Socialist Black Metal…”