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Gaskammer started in 2009 as a one-man project by Okupator (vocals, guitar) from the Bulgarian NSBM band 88. The first promo “Death Camp” was recorded the same year.  In 2014 the band is already an American NSBM act from Phoneix, Arizona and Demogorgon 88 joins as a drummer and permanent member. Two promo tracks were recorded in December 2014 at Black Metal Cult records studio and composing/recording of the first full-length album entitled “Judocarnage” have began as well. On March 6, 2015 the first full-length “Judocarnage” was released by Black Metal Cult records. The CD is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and contains ten tracks. There is also a Die Hard edition: poster, patch and sticker with the first 100 copies of it. The title track was also included in the compilation “Hammerstorm vol.IV” CD limited to 200 copies, released by Barbatos productions. A special edition of this compilation (only 28 copies) comes with CD, poster and set of cards. The promo track “Burn the Symbols” from 2014 was included in another compilation entitled “Me Ne Frego!” by War Kommand production, CD-r limited to 150 copies. In June 2015, Carnage joins the band as a bass guitarist. In the last days of December 2015 was the last rehearsal of the band with Carnage. From January 2016 the band remain again with two members. In September 2015 the band recorded a cover version of the Absurd’s “Pesttanz” for the official tribute CD “Soldiers Of The Eternal Winter”, released in December 2015 by Azermedoth records (Mexico). Five new songs were recorded in May 2016 for a Split CD with the bands 88, TötenKreuz, Xilentium and Vision Of Elders. The CD is limited to 500 copies, released by Black Metal Cult records. In August 3-th, 2017 the Russian label Barbatos Productions releases a Split 7″ Vinyl between Gaskammer and Wintercold. Entitled “Krew i honor / Time of Purity (A Tribute to Mariusz Szczerski)” and released in limited edition to 88 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl. On May 30, 2018 the book “The Final Solution” was released by Black Metal Cult records. This book contains uncensored and unabashed interviews with 88, Gaskammer, Xilentium and other bands. The interviews were originally published in the “Satan’s Sadist” magazine (Italy) between the years 2014-2016.


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GASKAMMER / WINTERCOLD – “Krew i honor / Time of Purity (A Tribute to Mariusz Szczerski)” Split 7″ Vinyl 2017

Side A: 1. Gaskammer – Krew i honor (Honor cover)
Side B: 2. Wintercold – Time of Purity (Honor cover)

Limited to 88 hand-numbered copies on Clear vinyl by Barbatos Productions.

GASKAMMER / XILENTIUM / 88 / TÖTENKREUZ / VISION OF ELDERS – “Wir nehmen Tod, Wir teilen Tod Aus” Split CD

1. GASKAMMER – Forward to Victory
2. GASKAMMER – Jewification of the World
3. GASKAMMER – The Awakening of Our Spirit
4. GASKAMMER – The Fire of War
5. GASKAMMER – Untermenschentums Invasion
6. XILENTIUM – Claim Our Countries Back
7. XILENTIUM – Purity Through Mass Genocide
8. XILENTIUM – Kill Every Jew That You See
9. XILENTIUM – Exterminate the Semitic Race
10. 88 – Extermination of Them
11. 88 – War Is the Answer
12. 88 – Abuse of Our Culture
13. 88 – The Enemy on Your Door
14. TÖTENKREUZ – Burn Their Synagogues
15. TÖTENKREUZ – We Salute, Sieg Heil
16. TÖTENKREUZ – Degenerate Dead Jews
17. TÖTENKREUZ – Sieg Heil Comrades
18. VISION OF ELDERS – In the Twilight of the Woods
19. VISION OF ELDERS – Heavenly Blacksmith
20. VISION OF ELDERS – On the Wings of Freedom

Executive producer: Demogorgon 88
CD limited to 500 hand-numbered copies by Black Metal Cult records. Die Hard edition includes
100 posters.

GASKAMMER – “Judocarnage” – album 2015
1. Filthy Reptiles
2. Sacrificer
3. The Door
4. Circle of Lies
5. Triumph of the Absurd
6. Burn the Symbols
7. Judocarnage
8. Deathbringers
9. Plague over Europe
10. Life without Them

Executive producer: Demogorgon 88

Recorded in Black Metal Cult Records studio – December 2014 – Februaty 2015, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Line up: OKUPATOR – vocals, guitar, bass; DEMOGORGON 88 – drums

CD limited to 500 hand-numbered copies by Black Metal Cult records. Die Hard edition: 100 posters, stickers and patches with the first 100 copies.
Tape by Werewolf promotion.

GASKAMMER – “Death Camp” Promo 2009 CD-r & Tape
1. Door of the Chamber (intro)
2. Gaskammer
3. They Deserve Gas

2009 Promo CD-r, ltd. 88 hand-numbered copies) Acclaim Records.
2010 Split Tape with Negrobutcher, ltd. 88 hand-numbered copies by Frozen Darkness productions.

V/A – “Soldiers Of The Eternal Winter”

1. Command – The Gates Of Heaven
2. Frostfluch – Eternal Winter
3. Per La Lumon – Werewolf
4. Gaskammer – Pesttanz
5. Ereshkigal – Mourning Soul
6. Woods Of Infinity – Deep Dark Forest
7. Akashah – Dreaming Of Love
8. Eztlacuani – Als Die Alten Jung Noch Waren
9. Nordwind – Triumph Of Death
10. Leichenzug – Colours Of Autumn
11. Frostfluch – Stahl Blitzz Kalt
12. Holdaar – Raubritter
13. Toter Winter – Permafrost
14. XIII – Gottloses Mordgesindel
15. Werwolforden – Ulfhednir – Todesschwadron
16. Seges Findere – Pesttanz
17. Hnikarr – Mourning Soul
18. Gjallarhorn – Stahl Blitzz Kalt
19. Tatkraft – Permafrost
20. Heldentod – Pesttanz
21. Per La Lumon – Stahl Blitzz Kalt
22. Hiraeth – Mourning Soul
23. Cursed Christ – Gates Of Heaven

Official 2015 ABSURD tribute CD, limited to 1000 copies
by Azermedoth records (Mexico).

V/A – “Hammerstorm Vol.IV”

2015 CD Compilation limited to 200 copies by Barbatos productions. A special edition of 28 copies: CD + poster + set of cards. Werewolf Satan, Phosphore Blanc, Nokturne, Lightless, Aryan Kampf 88, A Monumental Black Statue, Wald, Svafnirkult, Betula, Wargoatcult, Nothing, Volkmag.
04. GASKAMMER – Judocarnage

V/A: “Me Ne Frego!”
me-ne-frego2015 CD-r Compilation, limited to 150 copies by War Kommand production.

11. GASKAMMER – Burn the Symbols


V/A: “The Aryan Propaganda 1”
the-aryan-propagandathe-aryan-propaganda photo1
1. Adolf Hitler – Intro
2. Seges Findere – Deathcamp To Semitic Plague
3. Hunting Season – Rise Of The Empire
4. Evil Incarnate – Lead White People To Victory
5. Il Cuore Nero – Cuore Nero
6. Via Dolorosa – Il Mio Onore E’ La Fedeltá
7. Hate For Breakfast – Bastardo Vivisettore
8. Gaskammer – Gaskammer
9. Sons Of Satan – Crush
10. Negrobutcher – Napalm In The Ghetto
11. Barbarous Pomerania – Strengthen In Faith Of Slavs
12. Wolfskrieger – Pesttanz
13. M8l8th – Beyond The Twilights
14. Wolfenhords – Paljevinski Grobovi
15. 88 – Aryan March
16. Raggradarh – The Day Will Never Come For Them
17. Perverse Monastyr – Jerusalem Is A Jail (For The Herds)
18. Nokturne – Oltre La Morte
19. Iron Youth – To Him
20. SS – Outro

2010 CD-r Compilation in DVD case with SS Patch. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies by Frozen Darkness Productions.

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