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HORDES OF HATE is a Black Metal band from the USA. War NSBM at the beginning to Satanic Black Metal after 2009.

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HORDES OF HATE – “Hordes of Hate” (Demo 2008)

hordes of hate demo20081. Of Grimness and Plague
2. Spectral Throne ov the Occult
3. Crown of the Ancient Requiems

Self-released CD-r limited to 75 copies.






HORDES OF HATE – “Unleashed Is the Cult” (Demo 2008)

hordes of hate unleashed2008

1. Unleashed Is the Cult
2. …Of Grimness and Plague
3. The Temple of Mystic Sacrifice
4. Crown of the Ancient Requiems
5. The Winds of Crimson Earth

Self-released CD-r 2008.





HORDES OF HATE – “The Fall of Zion” (EP 2009)


1. Warcorpse
2. Hate and Honour
3. For Fallen Komrades
4. Terror Legion

2009 limited edition Mini CD-r by 2009 by Acclaim Records.

HORDES OF HATE – “Blasphemic Invocations for Demonic Glory” (Full-length 2009)

hordes of hate blasphemic1. Blasphemous Chants of Malevolent Torture
2. Nihilistic Wrath
3. Drown in the Tainted Blood of Your Saviour
4. Enthroned in Flesh and Blood
5. Lurking in Darkened Realms of Oblivion
6. Unholy Destruction of the Abyss

2010 limited hand-numbered to 33 copies edition CD-r by 2009 by Victory by Fire Records.





HORDES OF HATE – “Impure Visions of a Damned Evil” (EP 2011)

hordes of hate impure1. Hymn to the Ancient King, Born from Chaos
2. Befouled Serpent of Putrid Kingdoms
3. Spawn of Antichrist, Arise
4. Impure Visions of a Damned Evil

Limited to 100 copies edition CD-r by 2011 by Svartgalgh Records.