PERVERSE MONASTYR – “Perverse Monastyr / Religious Remorses” DIGITAL RELEASE



2006 full-length + 2006 EP of this Radical, Anti-religious and Anti-communist Black Metal horde.

Covers are included in the folder, the tracks are in 320kbps mp3.

1. The Christianity Killed Bulgaria
2. The Nuns, Who Were Throwing Their Children in the River
3. I Killed the False Prophet
4. The Cross Is Damnation
5. The Cutted Monk
6. The Cursed Herds
7. The Dark Cell (The Fifth Gospel)
8. Jerusalem Is the Hell (The Jewish King)
9. Total Destruction for Them and Their Temples
10. Appeal for War
11. Lets Kill Them Forever
12. The Herds Will Burn (On the Altar)

NOTE: You can download this file 2 times in total! After that the download will no longer be possible.