Acclaim Records exclusively presents: WIKING 1940 – “Trilogy of War” Pro CD-r Out Now!


1. Shoganai
2. Vicenza 25/12/1943
3. Die Gustloff
4. Er Ist Wieder Da
5. The 1st Vision Of God
6. Beyond The Point Of Singularity
7. ScornHT
8. Reborn 238
9. Shoori
10. Skorpion
11. Beasts of the sea
12. Wüstenfuchs
13. Einsatzgruppen
14. Spear of Destiny
15. Tiger E (Panzerkampfwagen)
16. Bomber Command
17. Destruction of Dresden
18. _________
19. Duty & Honor
20. Jagdpanther
21. Sonnenrad

21 tracks of aggressive War Black Metal from Italy! This band includes members of Via Dolorosa and Dodskammer! Pro CD-r, limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies Out Now!

Samples from this release you can hear on our Main page and the Releases page of our website. This band was also banned from YouTube, because everything that is pro-European seems to be strongly offensive to this internet platform!