Black Metal Cult records proudly presents:

GASKAMMER / XILENTIUM / 88 / TÖTENKREUZ / VISION OF ELDERS – “Wir nehmen Tod, Wir teilen Tod Aus” Split CD









1. GASKAMMER – Forward to Victory
2. GASKAMMER – Jewification of the World
3. GASKAMMER – The Awakening of Our Spirit
4. GASKAMMER – The Fire of War
5. GASKAMMER – Untermenschentums Invasion
6. XILENTIUM – Claim Our Countries Back
7. XILENTIUM – Purity Through Mass Genocide
8. XILENTIUM – Kill Every Jew That You See
9. XILENTIUM – Exterminate the Semitic Race
10. 88 – Extermination of Them
11. 88 – War Is the Answer
12. 88 – Abuse of Our Culture
13. 88 – The Enemy on Your Door
14. TÖTENKREUZ – Burn Their Synagogues
15. TÖTENKREUZ – We Salute, Sieg Heil
16. TÖTENKREUZ – Degenerate Dead Jews
17. TÖTENKREUZ – Sieg Heil Comrades
18. VISION OF ELDERS – In the Twilight of the Woods
19. VISION OF ELDERS – Heavenly Blacksmith
20. VISION OF ELDERS – On the Wings of Freedom

GASKAMMER is a War NSBM band from USA, XILENTIUM is American NSBM band from Arziona, founded in 2007. 88 from Bulgaria plays Raw and Aggressive War NSBM. TÖTENKREUZ is a new Rac/Black Metal act from Russia and USA and features members of Xilentium, Gaskammer and Godcider. VISION OF ELDERS is a new Russian Pagan Black Metal project with members of HOLDAAR and MOONGATES GUARDIAN.

This release contains 20 tracks in total and 79 minutes of NSBM/RAC/PAGAN music. The CD comes with a colored 8 pages Booklet, in limited edition to 500 copies.

All tracks were composed and recorded in the time frame 2014-2017. This is first release ever for the bands TÖTENKREUZ and VISION OF ELDERS. New line up and new material recorded for XILENTIUM after long time of silence, celebrating 10 years of existence. GASKAMMER with five brand new tracks.