Eridanus Void is a two-man band from Italy started in 2016 by [Δ] and [Φ].
Heavily inspired by hard sci-fi and cosmos, their genre is a fusion between Atmospheric Black Metal and Space Ambient/Psybient with electronic influences that recreates atmospheres from dark matter of the universe.

[Δ] – Synths and keys
[Φ] – Guitars, bass, drum programming and vocals


“Egemon][a” (Full-length)

  1. Supervuoto Cosmico
  2. Il Vuoto di Eridano
  3. Alla Deriva
  4. Vortici Antigravitazionali
  5. Visioni Esoplanetarie
  6. Colonie Terraformate
  7. Iperciviltà
  8. Missione Sirio 2222 (Il Balletto di Bronzo cover)

2019 Pro CD-r ltd. 50 by Acclaim Records

“Il Vuoto di Eridano” (Single 2016)