FORGOTTEN FORESTS was found in the late spring of 2004 year, at the town of Sandanski, Bulgaria. The members of the Black Metal band EXILE kept coming up with an ideas which were more melodic and doomish, therefore the creation of entire new musical project happend. The first three demo tracks were recorded in December 2004 / January 2005 under the working title “Kingdom of Death”. Later in 2005 the demo “Spirits of the Ash” was recorded. The demo contains six songs plus intro and outro.  2009 was the year that “Spirits of the Ash” album was finally released at the summer, in limited edition on pro CD-R format by the Russian Underground label Satanarsa Records. A little bit earlier in the beginning of 2009, the band came up with a rehearsal promo “Fighting in the Age of Mist”, released as pro CD-R by Acclaim Records. The first live show of the band was on November 29, 2009 in Sofia, club “Fans” together with the bands MASS GRAVE (death / grind) and BOLG (black metal). A demo tape entitled “Entrance” was released in 2013 by the Russian underground label Colors of Autumn. The tape is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies coming with double sided colored cover. Contains 17 rehearsal tracks recorded in 2009-2010. In August 2017, Acclaim Records releases a compilation CD entitled “Rebirth Beyond / Spirits of the Ash MMX”. This release combines “Rebirth Beyond”, which is the second album of the band and re-recorded version of the first album “Spirits of the Ash”. All tracks were recorded in April 2010. On December 16, 2017 the band had a local gig in Sandanski with a new member on bass guitar.

VASSIL – vocals, lead & rhythm guitars;
ERILYNE – lead & rhythm guitars;
MITAKA – bass guitar
LEIDOLF – drums & percussions

Forgotten Forests - photo62Forgotten Forests - photo61Forgotten Forests - photo60Forgotten Forests - photo58Forgotten Forests - photo57Forgotten Forests - photo56Forgotten Forests - photo55Forgotten Forests - photo54Forgotten Forests - photo53Forgotten Forests - photo52Forgotten Forests - photo51Forgotten Forests - photo50Forgotten Forests - photo49Forgotten Forests - photo48Forgotten Forests - photo47Forgotten Forests - photo46Forgotten Forests - photo45Forgotten Forests - photo43Forgotten Forests - photo42Forgotten Forests - photo4Forgotten Forests - photo3Forgotten Forests - photo41Forgotten Forests - photo40Forgotten Forests - photo39Forgotten Forests - photo44Forgotten Forests - photo38Forgotten Forests - photo37Forgotten Forests - photo36Forgotten Forests - photo35Forgotten Forests - photo34Forgotten Forests - photo33Forgotten Forests - photo32Forgotten Forests - photo31Forgotten Forests - photo30Forgotten Forests - photo29Forgotten Forests - photo28Forgotten Forests - photo27Forgotten Forests - photo26Forgotten Forests - photo25Forgotten Forests - photo24Forgotten Forests - photo23Forgotten Forests - photo22Forgotten Forests - photo21Forgotten Forests - photo20Forgotten Forests - photo19Forgotten Forests - photo18Forgotten Forests - photo17Forgotten Forests - photo16Forgotten Forests - photo15Forgotten Forests - photo14Forgotten Forests - photo13Forgotten Forests - photo12Forgotten Forests - photo11Forgotten Forests - photo10Forgotten Forets - gifForgotten Forests - photo63Forgotten Forests - photo8Forgotten Forests - photo7Forgotten Forests - photo6Forgotten Forests - photo5Forgotten Forests - photo1Forgotten Forets - poster2Forgotten Forests - photo2


Kingdom of Death (Demo 2005)

Forgotten Forests - Kingdom of Death1. Kingdom of Death
2. Final Hope
3. Spirits of the Ash

Recorded in January 15th, 2005






Spirits of the Ash (2005, released 2009)
FORGOTTEN FORESTS - Spirits of the Ash
forgotten_forests-spirits-flyerForgotten Forests - photo59Forgotten Forets - poster

1. Shadow Season (intro)
2. Kingdom of Death
3. Final Hope
4. Spirits of the Ash
5. Fateless Time
6. Rise of Fire
7. Nameless Face
8. Abreast (outro)

Pro CD-r, limited to 200 copies by Satanarsa Records.

Fighting in the Age of Mist (rehearsal demo April 9th, 2009)


1. Fighting in the Age of Mist
2. Sapienti Sad
3. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest
4. Journey to Thy Promised Land
5. Autumn’s Leaf
6. Rebirth Beyond
7. Shadow Season
8. Kingdom of Death
9. Final Hope
10. Spirits of the Ash
11. Fateless Time
12. Rise of Fire
13. Nameless Face
14. Abreast

Entrance (Rehearsal Recordings 2009-2010 Promo/Demo tape)

Forgotten Forests - Entrance - tapeForgotten Forests - Entrance - tape-photos

Side A
1. Entrance
2. Doomed Blazing Star
3. Crimson Morning
4. Mirror of the Misanthope
5. Moonfall
6. Survive March
7. Accursed Land
8. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest II
9. Forgotten Forests
Side B
10. Awakening
11. Sapienti Sad
12. Fighting in the Age of Mist
13. Rebirth Beyond
14. Spirits of the Ash
15. Kingdom of Death
16. Autumn’s Leaf
17. Journey to Thy Promised Land

2013 Colors of Autumn, Tape limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

Rebirth Beyond / Spirits of the Ash MMX (Two Albums 2010)

“Rebirth Beyond”

1. Entrance
2. Doomed Blazing Star
3. Crimson Morning
4. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest I
5. New Dawn over the Forgotten Forest II
6. Sapienti Sad
7. Fighting in the Age of Mist
8. Autumn’s Leaf
9. Journey to Thy Promised Land
10. Rebirth Beyond

“Spirits of the Ash MMX”

11. Kingdom of Death
12. Final Hope
13. Spirits of the Ash
14. Fateless Time
15. Rise of Fire
16. Nameless Face

2017 CD by Acclaim Records.

FORGOTTEN FORESTS YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFORGOTTENFORESTS