After two years of silence and one year since the last recording sessions, 88 celebrates 10th year anniversary with a new album!










The album title is “Failed Brainwasher” and contains 10 new tracks:

1. March of Botev
2. A Call for Awakening
3. Niggerized
4. Muslim? Blow Yourself!
5. Mindless Dirty Crowd
6. War is the Way for Purity
7. The Golden Trap
8. Abandoned Border
9. Failed Brainwasher
10. SS marschiert in Feindesland

The album was recorded during October 3-9, 2016 in Phoenix, USA.

A Digipak version, limited to 500 copies will be released by Black Metal Cult records (USA).
Pro Tape version, limited to 200 copies will be released by Southern Plague records (Argentina).